The Best 80s Cover Band in Southern California!

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Why hire The Pac Men rather than a typical top 40 or corporate band?

The Pac Men are the best los angeles 80s cover band

We put the “FAN” in Fantastic!


“UNBELIEVABLE! Our crowd never stopped dancing and cheering! They are most rocking band we’ve have here for a very long time! People are already calling to find out when they can hear them again. The energy and attitude that The Pac Men brings for every gig is unmatched and incredible. They are a pleasure to talk to and work with. We will continue to hire The Pac Men as much as possible. If you want a GREAT BAND with no worries and don’t want the “same old same old” wedding type bands, hire The Pac Men!”

- Chip P


“The Pac Men was truly amazing. They were professional, prompt, courteous and played incredible music. We had a great experience having The Pac Men play at our party. They made my 80s theme 40th birthday one that I will always remember. Our friends and family are still raving about how good the band was! Thank you for making our party a blast.”

- Julie and Justin


“My family and I had such a great time listening and dancing to the band. We continued to receive compliments all evening about how good they sound, the song selection, and their overall attitude. I highly recommend this band for a wedding, birthday, or any party.”

- Jennifer


“Our venue hires some of the best national acts in the business. A lot of good 80s cover bands come through the door such as The Spazmatics and The Atomic Punks. There is something fresh, unique, and raw about The Pac Men. They put their own touch to the 80s music making it their own and a little more rocking. They are one of the better 80s covers bands out there. More than anything, they are really nice guys and easy to work with. All the staff members like it when they are here.”

- Marquee 15


“I have seen a lot of 80s cover bands in Los Angeles. It seems like a lot of bands try to do the80s cover thing but fall short of the raw and dangerous energy that I used to remember back in the 80s. Where most of these bands fall short is experiencing that unpredictable, wild, and fun energy that you see like when Will Ferrell is doing his thing that just comes natural. The Pac Men seem to be just doing their thing. It’s natural and believable. My boss who probably wished he partied in the 80s, cut loose like it was 1985. And yes, we took many pictures of him lol! The band seemed to take everyone back to the 80s and forget that we were at a company party. All we needed was the red cups and kegs and we would have been totally there.”

- Danny



“Oh my God!” These guys freaking rock!” Hands down, probably the best 80s band I have seen. I was prompted by my magazine to go check them out. They were voted best band of Inland Empire Magazine 2 years in row (I work for the magazine), so I decided to go check them out. I was blown away.

- Barbara

Which Kind of Event Do You Want Us to Rock Out for You?

The Pac Men are the most hired 80s cover band for private parties in Southern California! They involve you and your guests as part of their show in an interactive 80’s throwback experience you’ll never forget! They offer zany “adult only” shows or “family friendly” shows depending on what you desire.

Book the Pac Men...Like Totally!

Ready to hit the hairspray hard and get foot loose in those acid washed jeans we both know you still keep in the closet? Book the Pac Men for your next event today and prepare for a radical time warp journey with Southern California’s best 80s Cover Band!

How to Choose The Right Band for Your Event?

Rule #1! Remember you get what you pay for.

There are many types of cover bands to choose from. Here is a good way to evaluate what’s best for your event:

Bar Band

These bands perform the same classic rock and pop songs that every other band does. There typically isn’t any energy, costumes, choreography, or pizzazz to their performance.

Corporate Band

These musicians are very talented. They are usually very polished. Typically they have many musicians in the band (6-9). Much like the top 40 bands, while they might nail the instrumentation, they do not give you the authentic rockstar experience that you remember from the 80s. They are great performers, but it is your typical, conservative Broadway style act.

Top 40 Band

These bands are a little more polished than bar bands. They might wear some generic flashy clothes, have a male and female singer, and know many genres of music. Unfortunately, they do not embody the true presence, image, sound, and energy of a band who specializes in 80s music and decadence.

80s Tribute Band

Keep in mind there are two levels of tribute bands. The first level of tribute bands is Top 40 bands, who are just putting on wigs and costumes but still deliver a GENERIC level of music and performance. The second level of tribute band nails the sound, performance, energy, and the image. They are extremely talented musicians who know how to perform the parts and emulate the entire 80s experience. Their show consists of choreography, skits, joking around, and giving you the fun Las-Vegas-level performance with a cutting edge.

Authentic 80s sound (We are tech guys and know how to produce the sound)

Authentic 80s performance (We are seasoned touring musicians)

Authentic 80s energy (We actually exercise to keep up our endurance)

Authentic 80s show (We are not pretending...We are actually stuck in the 80s)

Authentic 80s zany outfits (We want you and your guests to laugh until you cry)

Authentic 80s crowd engagement (We don’t forget 80s cheesiness either!)

And…we are reliable, down-to-earth dudes who will make it easy to work with us!

Wall of Fame

These are some of our biggest clients we have played for!

And many…many more to come!

Book the Pac Men...Like Totally!

Ready to hit the hairspray hard and get foot loose in those acid washed jeans we both know you still keep in the closet? Book the Pac Men for your next event today and prepare for a radical time warp journey with Southern California’s best 80s Cover Band!

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